We are a audio video recording company specializing in

Wedding Videos, Sports Events, Corporate Commercials, Live Entertainment and much more. We also do audio recording of Convention Speakers, Company Training CD's and Audio Commercials.


If you are looking to have your live performance filmed, you came to the right spot. We really enjoy doing this. As a musician myself, I love watching bands perform. It is more fun filming them and then mixing them down and putting some special touches on them. We can also do music videos by going to different locations and make a very unique video for you and add in your studio mix. We will use three cameras to catch your performance so in editing we can give multiple angles. But that's not all we do as far as live entertainment goes. We also do stand up comedy, plays, and more. If you are not sure give us a call and we will discuss your needs. Your performance will be custom designed and printed on high gloss water resistant discs in full color along with matching custom cases to show off your performance.

Pulse 18 (Rocky Mountain Way)

Minimal (Kashmir)

Pulse 18 (Sanitarium)

Pulse 18 (Cryin Like A Bitch)

Armed Vision (Elo Kiddies)

Tripping Tarzan (You Can Leave Your Hat On)

Wykkyd Vykkr ( Helter Skelter)

PowerTrip (Demo Sample)

Mike LaBay (Blue On Black)