We are a audio video recording company specializing in

Wedding Videos, Sports Events, Corporate Commercials, Live Entertainment and much more. We also do audio recording of Convention Speakers, Company Training CD's and Audio Commercials.


If you are in need of having your sports events filmed, then we are your company. We can film just about any kind of event you need. We have done football games for schools, soccer games for colleges, baseball games, and even wrestling like WWE events but on a local level. We will use 3 cameras and professionally edit and burn your event to DVD. They will be printed on high gloss water resistant discs with full color custom artwork and images of the event. Packaged in DVD cases with full color high gloss inserts custom designed with artwork, photos, and all the information included about the event.

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Excel Martial Arts Demonstration

Excel Boot Camp Web Commercial

Wrestlefest Web Comercial

Renegades Vs. Raptors 15 - U

North Boone Vs. Renegades